About us

Dear colleagues!

We would like to offer you collaboration with our animation studio located in Ukraine, the geographic center of Europe!  
We specialize in the creation and development of 3D animation including characters and animation for large cinema animation projects, animation TV series and computer games.
We offer you, our clients, several benefits:
Highest production quality
Very competitive prices, for example:
Cost to create complex characters (including sketching, modeling, skinning, set-up for the animation, textures etc.) from US,500.
Animation cost of complex characters typically varies about US$ 5 per 1 second to US per 1 second.
 Delivery of completed projects within the agreed upon schedule.

Our goal is not only to fulfill all of your project needs by working closely with you throughout the project planning and execution stages to provide you with the optimal work solution and, in the end, a unique high-quality product that is on-time and on-budget.

 We invite you to take a look at list of services and our portfolio of design projects on our website at www.um-group.net


Concept Creation
Our team loves 3D modeling challenges! Based on your concept vision, we create initial designs of small objects or characters. We then incorporate concepts of global objects and surroundings (e.g. landscape, vegetation, elements of building exteriors and interiors, and any other artificial and natural elements). We work with you to select the styles, forms, colors and visual effects to bring the concept to life in the most realistic way possible

3d modeling
3D modeling requires constant development and honing of skills, knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques, and the abstract visualization of objects in space and volume. Our highly professional team of artists, modelers and animators can solve even the most challenging aspects of 3D modeling to meet your requirements.

Character Modeling
From the simplest 3D model for small projects like a corporate logo to complex 3D characters for big animation projects, we can create stylish and realistic 3D models based your own sketches or without them.  We support you throughout the entire project cycle from creation of the initial model scheme, to texture creation, to the animation production setup process.

3D Models for Computer Games
We offer 3D modeling services for creating textures and animation of characters or objects, and virtual surroundings.  We can also create the sketches and models on which to base scenes and animation for computer games.

3d animation
3D animation makes it possible to design clear and exhaustive images of an object to reveal its characteristics dynamically and show it from different angles and viewpoints within its surrounding conditions.  We offer 3D animation development on the basis of your models or our own.  We can support you in all stages of the animation process from object modeling to its visualization to its finished editing.

3D Animation Textures
We are highly proficient in 3D modeling techniques of textures. We think you will agree that the textures presented in our portfolio posted on our website are so realistic that they are truly  “works of art”.
We look forward to working with you!
Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Zadorozhnyy